7 Useful Tips to Ease Your Amazon Shopping Experience

I Love Amazon, it’s a robust marketplace, and its vast, endless item counter is very powerful and can lead you to examine many possible items fits your preferences.

On the other hand, the share size of Amazon plays a major role in the time spent between the decision to start searching an item to buy and actually pressing the buy button on the selected item page on Amazon.

The average shopper would love to find his/her item in less than few minutes; however, this ain’t close to the actual time spent on the discovery process while searching for the right item. In some product types (generally the higher the price… ) the research becomes so exhausting that we just give up, and continue on Other time or on the Physical store or sometimes never.

So how do you ease your discovery process?

Here are few top tips:

1. Be focused. Try to understand and even write down your needs, and the main usages, price limits, etc.

2. Use your preferred search engine as the starting point, write down what you’re searching like this: best over ear headphones, best cheap coffee maker, best headphones under 100$, or any other combination you are looking for, then choose specific products and Google them like this: ‘your product’ + review, in order to see overall impressions and read few professional reviews on known popular unbiased sites.

3. Ignore manufacturers, marketplaces & stores “professional” reviews, which are mostly marketing materials, focus on user reviews and also check out item’s question & answers section, it’s contains plenty of useful day to day usage feedbacks from actual users.

4. I cannot recommend Filtering by the item attributes on Amazon to find your item, it can be long and not sure it will take to the item you desire; instead, try doing it by searching for the product type leading brands and models that suit you, and check them on Amazon.

5. Get the latest product model – if this important to you, on the Amazon item page you can find details about current product state (Discontinued by manufacturer or not) and also information about new version of the product if exist.

6. Compare important features between chosen products alternatives using the Amazon comparison on the bottom of the item page.

7. Check all relevant given offers details on the Amazon item page to check the best deal for you in other areas like payment, shipping, prime availability, etc.

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